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  • December 2015: Jakarta police action show discrimination against Papuans

    1 December commemorative events met with killings, torture, mass arrest, ill-treatment and excessive use of force against indigenous Papuans by Indonesian security forces – 306 people arrested in Jakarta, at least 133 suffered injuries due to police brutality – Four killed and eight others injured as a result of shootings by police and military forces in Yapen island – 49 arrested in Nabire for attempting to hod a prayer session – Huge jump in number of arrests this year at odds with Jokowi’s message of securing human rights and peace in Papua.

  • October/November 2015: State accountability for abuses remain exception rather than the rule

    Filep Karma released after 11 years in prison – Four detainees arresting for supporting ULMWP sentenced to 1.5 years – Concerns over health of detainee, Narko Murib, who is reportedly not receiving adequate medical attention – Three soldiers sentenced to imprisonment, with another awaiting verdict over Timika killings in August

  • Briefing Paper: Political arrests in West Papua from 2012-2014

    Analysis on 2012 – 2014 Papuans Behind Bars data – Charges of treason and conspiracy to commit treason most frequently used charges against political detainees – Substitution of Emergency Law 12/1951 with other politically motivated charges of criminal violence – Sharp five-fold increase in 2014 of detainees tortured for participating in demonstrations

  • August / September 2015: Shootings in Timika echo Bloody Paniai incident

    Three separate incidents of shootings against young indigenous Papuans in Timika – Three young man kidnapped and tortured by Jayapura City police officers – Students arrested in Sorong and Intan Jaya for protesting the poor state of the education system in Papua

  • July 2015: Threats to human rights defenders in Papua on the rise

    Increasing climate of intimidation against HRDs – Arbitrary shooting and ill-treatment of Roby Pekey in Wamena hospital – One killed and 11 injured in Tolikara as security forces open fire to crowd protesting use of loudspeakers during Eid prayers – 40 ULMWP members arrested

  • June 2015: Lawyers denied access while detainees tortured

    Detainees beaten and tortured by Brimob officers in Manokwari while lawyers denied access – 19-year-old fatally shot by Brimob officers in Dogiyai Regency – Komnas HAM investigations into ‘Bloody Paniai’ stalled due to lack of funding – Students arrested for fundraising in support of Bloody Paniai investigations

  • May 2015: While Jokowi releases five, nearly 500 are arrested

    487 arrested this month; 11 remain in detention – Pre-emptive arrests deliberately targeted KNPB members – Repressive approach by security forces at odds with recent Jokowi initiatives – ‘Foreign Monitoring Team’ suggests little change in allowing foreign media to Papua – Areki Wanimbo acquitted

  • April 2015: Bhayangkara hospital used as place of torture by police

    Three victims of torture received insufficient medical care in Bhayangkara hospital in Jayapura – One victim tortured and cruelly treated in Bhayangkara hospital – Violence perpetrated by military and police forces reportedly result in displacement of 20,000 people in Lanny Jaya and Yahukimo

  • March 2015: Plans for increased Brimob presence as new cases of violence emerge

    Six shot and 21 arrested in Yahukimo for participating in donation drive for Cyclone Pam victims – 17-year-old high school student and KNPB activist kidnapped, tortured and murdered, body dumped in river in Yahukimo – Four youths publicly attacked by Brimob officers – Authorities ramp militarisation by establishing plans to build Brimob base in Wamena – Peaceful ULMWP seminar forcibly dispersed and three arrested in Jayapura

  • February 2015: Forced confessions violate fair trial rights for Papuans

    Legal process for Areki Wanimbo and Pisugi case fraught with irregularities – Pisugi detainees forced to confess and sign fabricated police investigation reports – Komnas HAM conduct interviews with victims and eyewitnesses of Bloody Paniai, many reluctant to come forward to testify due to insufficient witness protection – Utikini mass arrest detainees released

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