Recent Updates

  • January 2015: Heavy security presence destabilises indigenous Papuan communities

    At least 78 arrested in Utikini village, Timika following the shooting of two Brimob officers and one Freeport security officer; Thousands fled violence as torture, ill-treatment and burning down of homes by security forces are reported – Student heavily beaten and shot by Brimob officers after he could not afford to pay for a street-side meal – Correction regarding Bloody Paniai incident – Human rights groups push the Indonesian Human Rights Commission to establish an Investigative Commission into Human Rights Violations to bring Bloody Paniai perpetrators to court

  • December 2014: Bloody Paniai: military brutality threatens Jokowi’s promise of human rights in Papua

    Bloody Paniai: six dead, at least 22 others injured in indiscriminate police and military shootings during protests against torture and ill-treatment of three Papuan boys – At least 26 Papuans arrested and ill-treated, some tortured in Puncak Illaga, Mimika, in reprisal attack – Yosep Siep hospitalised due to pains endured as a result of torture faced on arrest

  • November 2014: KNPB remain most targeted Papuan civil society group

    101 KNPB arrests so far this year – 28 arrests this month in relation to peaceful commemorative activities celebrating the 6th KNPB anniversary – Police continue to use Ormas law to delegitimise the KNPB – 12 in Nimbokrang Elections Boycott case released on bail – Stringent bail conditions aimed at deterring Papuan activists from exercising right to peaceful protest – Linus Hiel Hiluka and Kimanus Wenda subjected to inhumane treatment by police – Areki Wanimbo faces charges of conspiracy to commit treason which carries a maximum six-year sentence

  • October 2014: ‘Bloody Yotefa’: police turn a blind eye to violence against indigenous Papuans

    ‘Bloody Yotefa’ demonstrated police tolerance of public torture and extreme violence against indigenous Papuan highlanders – Areki Wanimbo still facing charges of conspiracy to commit treason while French journalists released after 11 weeks in detention – 46 people arrested at demonstrations urging for the release of French journalists

  • September 2014: Culture of impunity in Papua threatens human rights and democracy

    New reports of attacks against human rights lawyers in Papua – Police complicity in allowing violence to continue in Lanny Jaya and Abepura – Indigenous Papuan publicly tortured, mutilated and murdered by group of non-Papuan youth – 18 men in Boycott Presidential Elections case in Wamena tortured by military and police officers – Indonesian authorities fail to investigate into murder of Martinus Yohame

  • August 2014: Widespread crackdown on civil society intensifies

    Intensified crackdown on lawyers, activists, human rights defenders, priests, tribal leaders and journalists – Detention of two French journalists and Papuan tribal leader highlight ongoing restrictions on access to Papua – Increased crackdown on the KNPB – KNPB Sorong leader Martinus Yohame murdered – Mass arrests continue in Nimbokrang district – Humanitarian situation in Lanny Jaya of particular concern

  • July 2014: Election arrests signal lack of democratic rights in Papua

    Highest recorded number of political arrests so far in 2014 – Most arrested faced ill-treatment – Many arrests related to boycott of 9 July Presidential Elections – More arrests due to internal disagreements between UNCEN authorities and students – Alarming use of excessive force, unprocedural use of firearms and extrajudicial killing at Youtefa market incident

  • June 2014: New Ormas Law used to back police repression in Papua

    KNPB heavily targeted this month, with at least 24 members arrested – New Ormas Law used to delegtimise and control indigenous civil society groups – Reported arrests ahead of 1 July and the Indonesian Presidential elections on 9 July – Dutch Papuan arrested in the Hague for peacefully waving a Morning Star flag

  • May 2014: FoE threatened by corporate and institutional agendas

    Ongoing corporate complicity in the violation of human rights – Role of Freeport in Timika conflict questioned – Unprocedural use of firearms pose serious threat to safety of Papuans – UNCEN student Samuel Womsiwor continues to be detained under order of university authorities – Reported arrests and torture suggests deteriorating environment of terror and surveillance in Merauke

  • April 2014: Torture of detainees remains rife in Papua

    Torture remains rife in Papua with 12 new incidents reported in Nabire, Sasawa and Jayapura – Incontrovertible photographic evidence of torture and degrading treatment in Yalengga flag-raising case from 2010 – Demonstrations in nine cities worldwide call for the release of Papuan political prisoners – Police again adopted strategy of stigmatising political activists

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