Alfisu Wamang

Date of BirthUnknown
Charges106, 110
Date of Arrest01/05/13
Case DetailsOn 1 May, fifteen people were arrested during a flag-raising ceremony commemorating the administrative transfer of Papua to Indonesia. Five men continue to be detained in Timika prison and are facing charges of treason.
SentenceTrial ongoing
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On 1 May in Timika, 15 people who took part in a flag-raising ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the administrative transfer of Papua to Indonesia, were arrested and detained in Mimika police station. Local human rights investigators have reported that at least two civilians were injured in this incident when Mimika Regional police fired into the crowd. Five of the 15 men – Domi Mom, Eminus Waker, Yacob Onawame, Musa Elas and Alfisu Wamang – continue to be detained in Timika prison.

Another human rights source has reported that the five men have been severely tortured and intimidated by police in detention. Three of the five men – Musa Elas, Yacob Onawame and Alfisu Wamang – have been suffering from deteriorating health. Their families had requested Mimika Regional police officials to provide them with adequate medical treatment at a hospital but they have reportedly been denied access to treatment. Wamang is reported to have suffered from mouth injuries and rectal bleeding. While it is not clear if this is due to ill-treatment from the police, there have been reports that the men were severely beaten in detention.


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Last updated: 7 August 2013