Astro Kaaba

Date of Birth52 in 2013
Date of Arrest03/05/13
Case DetailsFive men were arrested and allegedly tortured in detention by Yapen police in connection with a fatal attack on police Mobiles Brigade (Brimob) officer Jefri Sesa. Three men remain detained at Serui Regional police station, reportedly facing charges of treason.
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On 3 May 2013, at around 16:15, Astro Kaaba was arrested by police Mobile Brigades (Brimob) forces under the instructions of Yapen Regional police. Kaaba was the second person arrested in connection with a fatal attack on Brimob officer Jefri Sesa on 27 April 2013. Yahya Bonay was arrested a few hours after the attack when Yapen police raided his house and reportedly tortured him on arrest.

Kaaba was allegedly severely tortured in detention until he lost consciousness for several hours. He remains in detention at Serui Regional police station alongside Yahya Bonay and Hans Arrongear. All three men are reportedly facing charges of treason. Two other men who were arrested in connection with this case, Musa Samai and Luis Samai, were released after being tortured.

It is believed that Bonay, Arrongear and Kaaba have since been released from detention.


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