Jon Nuntian

Date of Birth27/01/1976
ChargesArticle 106 of the Indonesian Criminal Code
Date of Arrest29/05/2012
Case DetailsArrested in a police raid at what was alledged to be a TPN/OPM training camp
SentenceNot yet tried
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John Nuntian, from Wanampompi village on Yapen Island was arrested on 29 May 2012 as police swept through the local area after claiming to have found a National Liberation Army/ Free Papua Movement (Tentara Pembebasan Nasional/Organisasi Papua Merdeka, TPN/OPM) training camp. The National Liberation Army (TPN) is an armed guerrila organisation which has been fighting the Indonesian presence in West Papua for several decades, but it is not certain whether or not Mr Nuntian is a member.

The raid on 29 May was part of a chain of events which happened in the Angkaisera area in May and June 2012. On May 12 a raid had taken place in a nearby village, where local newspaper Jubi reported that a 16-year-old boy was threatened with a pistol to his head. On the night of 29 May, the Umagi news pro-independence website reported that military troops had burned houses in Wanampompi village, and at the same time arrested Mr Nuntian. That report describes Mr Nuntian as an ordinary civillian.

Reports vary on what was meant by a TPN/OPM training camp. Several reports indicate that the only weapons seized by police were items which would be legitimatly owned by villagers anywhere, such as machetes and an air gun. A police source reported by Jubi and a military source reported by TribunNews both provide a longer list of confiscated items which included a firearm and camping equipment such as large tents. However the two lists are significantly different.

Jubi has also reported that later that day, a demonstration took place at Yapen District Legislative Council (DPRD) demanding the release of Jon Nuntian and protesting the arbitrary violence that had occurred. Three women were arrested that morning because they were wearing t-shirts with images of the banned Morning Star flag. They were held until the night. A man who was also arrested later said that police officers had taken IDR 502,000 from him (around USD 50).

Jon Nuntian was charged with treason under Article 106 of the Indonesian Criminal Code and held in Serui prison until around 14 March 2013, when Papuans Behind Bars received information from local activists that he had been released.


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