(English) Juven Pekei

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Juven Pekei (32), Melianus Mote (32), Simon Petrus Ukago (27), Stefanus Goo (37), Alex Pakage (50), Andreas Douw (18) were arrested on 28 August 2019. The prosecution submitted bows and arrows as evidence against them, which are West Papuans’ traditional regalia, except for Andreas Douw who was accused of carrying a 30 cm knife. Prosecutors sought a one-year jail term. They were found guilty of violating Article 2 paragraph (1) on sharp weapon possession of the Emergency Law Number 12 Year 1951 and Article 212 on threatening authorities with violence of the Criminal Code. They were sentenced to six months 22 days jail on 19 March 2020 and released on 25 March 2020.