Kristianus Delgion Madai

Date of BirthUnknown
Date of Arrest02/03/2014
Case DetailsArrested and accused of smuggling bullets
SentenceOn trail
Concerns Arbitrary detention
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On 3 February 2014, Kristianus Delgion Madai was arrested for allegedly smuggling eight 8.4mm calibre bullets while in transit at Sentani Airport. Madai was on the way to Nabire to attend the Mee Peoples’ Community Forum. According to reports from local human right lawyers, Madai was previously active in peaceful student demonstrations responding to visiting delegations of Melanesian Spearhead Group leaders in January 2014. He is facing charges of possession of ammunition under Emergency Law 12/1951.

Information received from his lawyers indicates that the bullets may have been planted in his bag during his flight from Jakarta to Jayapura. He had not encountered any problems before boarding the flight in Jakarta. However, while going through security in Jayapura before boarding his final flight to Nabire, eight bullets were found in his bag. Madai indicated the possibility of his bag being tampered with while he was asleep on the flight from Jakarta. He had reportedly left his bag under his seat throughout the flight as the overhead compartment was full. He was asleep throughout most of the flight and sat between two strangers, indicating the possibility of his bag being tampered with.

He is currently receiving legal accompaniment from lawyers in Jayapura. His lawyers had expressed concern regarding his detention, stating that they believe he is being targeted for his peaceful political activities as a student involved in demonstrations in Jakarta.


Email correspondence with human rights lawyers, March – April 2014

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