Matan Klembiap

Date of Birth30 on arrest
ChargesEmergency Law 12/1951
Date of Arrest15/02/2013
Case DetailsMatan Klembiap and Daniel Gobay were arbitrarily arrested and allegedly tortured along with five other men who were released the next day in connection with pro-independence activists. They were sentenced under charges of possession of sharp weapons under the Emergency Law 12/1951.
Sentence6 months 10 days
Concerns Arbitrary detention, Torture on arrest, Torture in detention
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Matan Klembiap and Daniel Gobay were arrested at gunpoint on 15 February 2013 along with Arsel Kobak, Eneko Pahabol, Yosafat Satto, Salim Yaru and Obed Bahabol in connection with pro-independence activists. During detention at Jayapura police station they allegedly suffered torture, intimidation and degrading treatment when they told police that they had no knowledge of the whereabouts of pro-independence activists Sebby Sambom and Terianus Satto. Sebby Sambom is a former political prisoner who served time in jail for his involvement in peaceful mass demonstrations carried out by the West Papua National Committee (Komite Nasional Papua Barat, KNPB) in 2008. The seven men were allegedly kicked, beaten with rattan sticks, electrocuted and forced to take their clothes off.

On 16 February 2013, five of the seven men were released while Klembiap and Gobay were charged with possession of sharp weapons under Emergency Law 12/1951. Following a request from Matan Klembiap’s family, he received legal accompaniment from lawyers with the Alliance of Democracy for Papua (Aliansi Demokrasi untuk Papua, ALDP). On 23 April, Klembiap was transferred to Abepura prison. Local human rights sources reported Klembiap’s declining physical and mental states during detention in Abepura prison as a result of the torture he suffered in detention at Jayapura Regional police station.

Human rights investigators reported an attempted assassination of Klembiap’s family on 24 May 2013. A man armed with a knife reportedly entered the house of Dominggas Kromsian, Klembiap’s wife, around midnight while she and her children were asleep. The man allegedly positioned the knife above her chest but Kromsian managed to snatch the knife away from him and demanded to know his motives. The man reportedly admitted to being paid IDR 3 million to murder Kromsian and her husband, as well as Yosafat Satto and his wife, due to their pro-independence activities.

In July 2013, the Public Prosecutor demanded an eight-month prison sentence for Klembiap. The following month, Gobay and Klembiap were sentenced to 6 months 15 days and 6 months 10 days respectively minus time already spent in detention. Klembiap was released on 25 August 2013 while Gobay was released five days later on 30 August.


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