Paulus Alua
In detention now

Date of Birth21/10/87
ChargesEmergency Law 12/1951
Date of Arrest21/10/12
Case DetailsArrested in Biak and charged with possession of bomb-making materials
SentenceReleased without charge
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Paulus Alua

Paulus Alua, a University student and activist with the West Papua National Committee (Komisi Nasional Papua Barat, KNPB) was arrested alongside Barnabas Mansoben, a farmer and KNPB activist, on 21 October 2012 for allegedly possessing bomb-making materials.

During his arrest plainclothes police (note: Aparat kepolisian berpakain preman) tortured Alua, handcuffing, and then beating, kicking and beating him with their pistols. Following this ill-treatment, he was transferred to investigators who interrogated him regarding a KNPB planned rally on 23 October 2012. During his detention, Alua was also reportedly forced to confess to preparation and possession of bomb-making materials.

The trial of the two activists began in 2013, and in March a lawyer for the two activists stated that the indictments were excessive, appealing to the judge for their release given the absence of any strong evidence. The lawyer’s submission was rejected.


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