Two-Click Social Media Buttons

Many people like to use sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. to tell their friends about websites they find interesting and this can also be an important way for information to reach many more people. However, Facebook and Twitter are profit making companies who have an interest in collecting data about us. So to protect our privacy, we sometimes need to be careful.

Did you know, when you see the Facebook ‘like’ or ‘recommend’ or Twitter buttons on websites, that it is sending information about who is surfing the site back to those companies? They are building up profiles about you and how you use the web even if you are not logged in, and even if you do not have an account with them!

We want people to have the choice not to be subject to surveillance by these companies. So for this reason, the buttons on our page are not active. No information will be passed to Facebook, Twitter, Google plus or Linkedin unless you click the button. If you click, the button becomes active and you can share as you normally would on any other websites.

Thanks from us for sharing what you find here and letting your friends know about the plight of Papuan Prisoners!