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  • Papuans Behind Bars: March 2014

    Charge of conspiracy to commit treason continues to be applied to wide range of alleged offences – Jayapura police fabricated contents of police investigation reports – Prison authorities continue to refused urgent medical treatment for Stefanus Banal – Security forces continue to disperse demonstrations condemning Special Autonomy

  • Papuans Behind Bars: February 2014

    Arrests, indiscriminate shooting, torture in Yapen island and Puncak Jaya police and military operations – Negligence towards injuries sustained by political prisoners – Six in Biak 1 May case sentenced

  • Papuans Behind Bars: January 2014

    Arrests of senior civil society leaders at MSG delegation demonstrations – Heavy sentences for Biak 1 May case detainees – Reported torture of 12 arrested in demonstrations in support of FWPC PNG office – Political arrests in Sarmi over Morning Star flags – Five detained in Timika 1 May case sentenced

  • Papuans Behind Bars: December 2013

    No political arrests this month – Students continue to campaign for Ngelia’s release – Aimas detainees sentenced – PNG detainees bailed – Pedalling and painting for Papuan prisoners

  • Papuans Behind Bars: November 2013

    112 political arrests this month – University authorities suppress student political activity on campus – One demonstrator killed and three disappeared in 26 Nov Papuan-wide demos – Yohanes Boseren remains in detention despite mental illness – Investigations continue in Sorong treason case

  • Papuans Behind Bars: October 2013

    Trend continues of increased numbers of political arrests in October – Scores detained in Fak-Fak and Biak – Activist Piethein Manggaprouw arrested and charged with treason and incitement – Health concerns of detainees in Biak, Timika and Aimas 1 May cases – Prosecutor calls for four-year prison sentence for Sarmi four – Calls for accountability in police investigations of death of Alpius Mote

  • Papuans Behind Bars: September 2013

    Civilian killed and four arrested in sweeping operation in Paniai – Scores of arrests during demonstrations celebrating the International Day of Democracy – Activists targeted in Biak and Yapen islands processions welcoming sacred water and ashes – Civilian arbitrarily detained and tortured in Waena – Release of Boas Gombo and Dipenus Wenda – Concerns for mental health of Yohanes Borseren and Obeth Kamesrar – Parole rejected in Wamena ammunitions store raid case

  • Papuans Behind Bars: August 2013

    Scores of arrests reflecting police attempts to hinder peaceful demonstrations – Four Sorong community leaders charged with treason and incitement – Daniel Gobay and Matan Klembiap released – Security forces raid Papuan Indigenous Council office and church in Paniai – Filep Karma denied adequate medical treatment

  • Papuans Behind Bars: July 2013

    New reports shed light on severity of inadequate access to medical treatment – Verdicts for the Yapen Indigenous Day celebrations case and the Abepura ammunitions case delivered – Trial of Aimas 1 May case to begin in August – Correction on Atis Rambo Wenda

  • Papuans Behind Bars: June 2013

    New details regarding four political prisoners shedding light on brutal torture by security forces – 23 releases including Timika Six – Seven Aimas detainees face charges of treason – Victor Yeimo to complete three-year sentence from 2009 – Verdict delivered for Boas Gombo and Biak explosives case – Trial continues for Yapen Indigenous People’s Day case – Assassination attempt on family of Matan Klembiap

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