Erichzon Mandobar

Date of Birth
ChargesArticle 2 paragtraph (1) Emergency Law No. 12/ 1951 jo. Article 55 paragraph (1) of 1 ICC, Article 214 paragraph (1) Indonesia Criminal Code, Article 169 paragraph (1) ICC
Date of Arrest15/09/2018
Case Details
Sentence1 year and 3 months imprisonment
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Erichzon Mandobar is a member of the Timika chapter of the West Papua National Coalition (KNPB Timika). On September 15, 2018, he, Yakonias Womsiwor and 7 other KNPB members were arrested when a joint TNI/POLRI team raided the KNPB Timika secretariat without a warrant at 7 am. During the raid, officers fired shots at two KNPB activists: resulting in two bullet wounds in Erichzon’s right knee and six bullet wounds in Yakonias Womsiwor’s left leg. Although the police produced no warrant to authorise either arrest or detention, the 9 KNPB activists were taken to Mimika Regional Police to undergo further examination. In the afternoon, officials released 7 KNPB activists, while Erichzon and Yakonias Womsiwor remained in custody.

Police questioned Erichzon about the case of Ruben Wakla, who was arrested at Timika Moses Kalinggin airport on 10 September when he was found carrying hundreds of rounds of ammunition. In the course of the examination, Erichzon was forced to give false information stating that he knew of other evidence¬† at the location of the raid. Without a lawyer present during their respective interrogations, Erichzon and Yakonias were later charged with the possession of weapons without permits. The detention warrant was issued by the police the following day. The condition of the gunshot wound on Erichzon’s right knee improved after he received treatment from a medical officer. He can stand and walk, though does so with a limp. As in the case of Yakonias, the Erichzon family did not receive the results of the X-ray or medical exam of the gunshot wounds.

Erichzon Mandobar’s initial hearing session was held on 31 January 2019. Currently he and Yakonias Womsiwor are detained at the Mako Brimob Detachment B station (the local headquarters of the Mobile Police Brigade) as prosecutor’s detainees. Their trials are still ongoing place in the Timika City District Court.