Isai Wilil
In detention now

Date of Birth
ChargesArticle 1 Paragraph (1) Emergency Law 12/1951; Article 55 Paragraph (1) of 1e
Date of Arrest26/08/2018
Case Details
Sentence3 years and six months imprisonment
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Isai Wilil was arrested in Wamena by the Papua Regional Police Team (POLDA) on charges of possession of ammunition on 26 August 2018. Alex Wayage was arrested at the same time, and 309 rounds of ammunition was found hidden by Isai at Alex Wayage’s house. According to Isai Wilil, he bought the ammunition from a member of the police, not from Jakub Fabian or Simon Magal as was alleged.

Before Isai Wilil stored the ammunition at Alex Wayage’s house, he had hidden it in two other places:  buried underground and stored in the roof of his traditional house roof. The transfer of the ammunition occurred around the middle of 2015. At that time Isai Wilil met Naman Enumbi at Wapena Sinapuk in Wamena. Naman asked him to acquire  ammunition and gave him 5 million rupiah (~ USD 350). Four months later, Isai Wilil was approached by a member of the police in front of the Borobudur Sentani Mall, Jayapura Regency. The police, who called himself Max, offered 309 rounds of ammunition for 5 million rupiah. Payments were made directly by Isis Wilil, but the ammunition only changed hands when he and Max were in Wamena.

Isai Wilil was also arrested on June 13 2016 on the Sentani highway while distributing a leaflet giving information about  a peaceful protest that was to be held on June 15 2016. He was taken to the Doyo Regional Police Station, Jayapura Regency, along with 65 KNPB activists (West Papua National Coalition) and other students. Isai Wilil was released without charge following after being detained and interrogated for several hours.

Isai Wilil was convicted of possession of ammunition on 22 January 2019 and is currently serving his sentence of 3 years and 6 months imprisonment.